Otagiri Mugs

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I L.O.V.E. Otagiri, vintage, boho, ceramics. I am always on the hunt and have a personal collection of over 100 pieces on display. I can’t keep it all, so I offer the best of my collection to you here. Ask me about reduced shipping for multiples. I will ship all additional mugs for the price of one. Prices vary.

Otagiri Manufacturing Company was an importer of Japanese hand-painted stoneware and ceramics between 1958 and 1994. The products were made in Japan and were imported for distribution and sold to high end department stores and gift shops. The company hired talented artisans to design its products. Among the artists who designed products for Otagiri were: Kurt R. Kress, Bob Harrison, Angela Ackerman, Wendy Morgan, Curtis-Swan, Tracy Flickinger, Tom Taylor, Linda Pickens, Mary Hughes, and Mary Ann Baker.