Virtual Consignment

Do you have a high-value, heirloom-quality piece that you are ready to pass on to someone who will cherish it as much as you do? We offer virtual consignment services for only 30% of the sale value. We will add the item to our inventory here on Centimental Value, online market places and social media. We gradually expand promotion geographically to keep handling to a minimum:

  1. Post to local (Chicago-area) outlets and networks; after two weeks,
  2. Post to regional (Midwest) outlets and networks; after two weeks,
  3. Post to national (contiguous US) outlets networks,
  4. Post internationally (case-by-case basis)

All ads are maintained until the item has sold. We reduce the price at your discretion.

Our pricing model

  1. We charge 30% of the sale price, unlike other brick and mortar stores that split the eventual sale price 50/50. (Because we don’t have to rent floor space, we aren’t motivated to “move” pieces to make room for new inventory.)
  2. We don’t decrease the price unless you decide to reduce the price. (Because the piece remains in your possession, we keep it listed as long as it takes to sell.)
  3. We arrange for moving from your home as part of our 30% (the buyer pays for the freight charges.)
  4. When you work with a traditional consignment shop, you have to arrange and/or pay for the transportation. Working through our network, you avoid wear and tear (and occasional damage) that can come with frequent moving, not to mention service fees and hassle.

See how this model makes a difference on your bottom line. On a $2,000 armoire, the net looks like this:

Traditional consignment shopCentimental Value digital shop
Average moving fees-$150$0
You make$850$1,400
% comparison42.5%70%

By working through Centimental Value, you keep almost twice the profit than with traditional consignment stores. That is assuming your item sells within the first 30 days in an onsite location. If not, you clear $600 after the 30-day 25% discount and $350 after the 60-day 50% discount. If your item doesn’t sell within 90 days, you either have to go back to get the piece (another $150 in moving expenses, meaning you lost $300) or the store takes it to charity (and you are out the initial $150 moving fee.)

Let us help you disperse your valuables with far more convenience and security. Contact us today about how to get started.

I had a Knoll sofa I was trying to sell on online classifieds with no luck…just lowball offers and scammers. Centimental Value got me more than I was originally asking and they are in homes where they are truly appreciated for the art that it is.

Sloan B.
Knoll armless sofa