Referral rewards

People have lots of reasons for disposing of even the finest furniture. They don’t have the time to sell it themselves, the space to store it, the means to advertise it or all of the above. Before you put it in the trash, contact us about your options when you are at a loss at what to do.

If you alert us to furniture that needs “saving”, we’ll pay you a 20% “finder’s fee” for tips that lead to a completed purchase (whether you are a current customer or not.) Contact us with information on furniture, art, lighting or anything unique that falls within the 20’s – 80’s!

My friend had a huge mid century modern sectional she was throwing away. I worked with Centimental Value to photograph it, promote it, deliver it and handle the transaction. It was the easiest money I made and I felt so good that it landed in a new home.

Cyndee O.