Defintion: An appraisal represents value (cost) in a market (place) at a particular point in time (range).

Meaningful possessions can live another life of being loved and appreciated by others. You can enjoy the fruits of their worth immediately by selling to connoisseurs, insuring them to pass on to loved ones or donating them to your favorite charity. Whatever the intended use, an appraisal by a personal property appraiser is the first step. Get peace of mind that your cherished items will be valued accurately and treasured into the future.

Centimental Value offers restricted appraisals that can be used to determine fair market value. Ideally, the subject piece will be viewed and evaluated in person, but Zoom meetings and digital images can also be used. Each appraisal fee is $75. Contact us to set up a consultation.

If you decide to take advantage of our consignment services after the appraisal is complete and we sell the item on your behalf, we will refund the $75 appraisal fee.